Client :

Muhdo – Eddie Hall

As part of my work for ( DNA Discovery and Health Service ) i created an off shoot branding and page for fans of Eddie Hall ( Worlds Strongest Man Winner ). Going for a more powerful masculine look, out went the whites and blues and in came the blacks and electric oranges.

Depth was added to the page by offering bright orange glows under some elements. This gives the impression of lit, hovering items poised over the black background. The combination of black and orange is great hi-tech combo of colours. Minimalist, striking and unusual in this world of smooth pastels.

I kept the original layout style of while mixing up the design with more jagged edges and bold type. It was decided that we try and use a more straightforward type of how-to guide for this page so we distilled the process steps for a customer down to less steps and used less words to describe each step. We used bold type here to leave an impactful message that doesn’t overwhelm potential customers.

Subtle image scrolls were replaced with bigger moves and broad images that zoom towards the user as they scroll down the page.


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