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EM Fencing And Gardening

EM Fencing and Gardening Logo

This is the second fencing and garden website i’ve work on. People have asked if there could be a conflict of interest if I maintain websites that are potential competitors. My thought is that if both websites rank well, no-one will be upset!

EM Fencing And Gardening was a brand new venture by an experienced fencer looking to branch out on his own. We worked on the logo to get some foundation worked out (dealt with over here).

I found out what base services EMFG wanted to offer as these would be the pages that formed the expert content and photography. I asked Ed to try and collate as many high quality photos related to the services and to upload them to a shared dropbox.

Dropbox proves absolutely invaluable when building a website such as this. Without exception my clients do not have the time to go thru convoluted processes to get content over to me. With Dropbox i can simply follow this process :

  • setup a shared folder within my Dropbox with an appropriate name
  • give full edit rights to my client
  • email them the link to the folder
  • they can open the link on PC or mobile app
  • either myself or the client can create sub-folders related to particular projects or service pages
  • my client can simply drag and drop files in the correct folder
  • i can quickly move to upload these images into new articles, service pages and more

A fencing and garden website provides a great opportunity to show a before and after photo slider. It’s a really good piece of interaction that works well on mobile and desktop.

2 sliders showing before and after fence build

I’ve been working with Ed since the inception of the site to improve it month on month. With just an hour a month i’ve added articles detailing new work for which he has provided photos. I’ve also added new service pages with this time. Other work that i’ve done includes updating the Google business presence with links into the site. Tagging photos is another task that is useful for ranking well in Google search.

New posts about recent fence install jobs

I’ve written some technical articles for the website for SEO and user enhancement. These take some input from the business owner wherever possible. I do research on the type of content a customer might search for on a fencing and garden website and follow SEO guidelines to keep the website fresh and relevant in Googles’ eyes.

Technical writing about decking

Ed’s business is thriving, jobs booked in for 3 months in advance are testament to that. This is what i find most gratifying about building the technology side of a business like this. It starts out as making a website but i often act more like a Technology Officer. I help setup email, advice on tech purchases and try to suggest advances that might benefit the venture. Digital invoicing services, collaborated working and a suite of matched mobile apps can transform a small business. The symbiotic relationship between myself and a client is strong – success from either side helps the other.


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