Client :

Elliot Short

Bit of a different departure from the normal here. Elliot is a historian and researcher who wanted an online portfolio to showcase all of his work. He has written content for web and print. Also, it’s wise in this connected world to try and cultivate an online presence as an expert in order to extend your reach. With this in mind we thought the site could be used to house unique blogging content and articles.

We wanted to try and separate the site from the normal look. A portfolio should be clear and obvious. The content should be the draw, not fancy looks and long complex page structures.

After submitting a few mock-up designs of ideas I had a feeling which might be the final design. We went with an almost CV look to the site, minimal, almost print-like.

I stuck with a print/book like feel for most of the site. White space is abundant and the font selection makes the site feel a bit like an old book.

White space, clear carded items to show the publications. I worked with Elliot to come up with strong, eye-catching images to accompany each item. An excerpt gives an idea of the content and clicking thru lets the user read more about the publication. A link also finds the article or book itself.

A few of the ages didn’t ave any content yet. For these i created place holder “coming soon” pages.

When the project was complete i asked the customer what he wanted to be able to update himself on the site. One of the best parts of WordPress is how perfectly its setup for less technical people to create and upload varied content without constant guidance. I ran through how Elliot might upload new articles and add new publications to the site as he produced them. There’s no extra charge for this, its part of the service.


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