Client :

DH Sports Massage

Dale at DH Sports Massage was had built his small business up to a few clients and was looking to broadcast a more professional image. He was using social media accounts to build his brand but needed to carve out his space on the web. Health website design requires a simple message and easy actions on the part of the user.

A domain name, a fresh logo and modern website were the requirements. After a chat over coffee about aims and values Dale thought on regarding his business i had enough to go on. After a few mockups we settled on the high-tech black and electric blue look. Modern and powerful.

This bespoke health website design was completed in under a month. We used mostly stock images to keep the cost to a minimum but quality high. I created a couple of domain email addresses for Dale so he can have a personal one and a business info account too.

Booking Facilities Built Into The Site

I configured and assisted with training on an application built into the site to control bookings. All done with free software ( with the basic starter plan ) and only taking me a couple of hours to setup. The plugin allowed dale to setup various types of services which had unique pricing and even venue.

I have been updating the website – creating content for the site such as articles and more detailed descriptions of services. Dale does create his own content and social media output but more-the-merrier is definitely true when it comes to website images and text. A fresh site is more attractive to users and Google search than a stale one.

A great example of a one-page site than could easily build and morph into a full featured and mature health website design. It has everything a small business could need in a bite size chunk fully usable on mobile or computer. It has the looks to sell the business and the functionality to actually make the transaction.


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