Client :

Carole Dru Yoga

Carole came to me with a common story. She had created a yoga website design herself using a point and drag builder service. The website had served her well while her venture was young. The website provided some photos, some text about herself and some information about when and where the classes were held.

She had been running yoga classes in various locations for a several months and wanted her website to do more. Carole wanted a more pronounced brand and the ability for customers to book sessions simply using their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Ready Made Foundations Of A Yoga Website Design

When a potential client has even a simple website up and running we can usually hit the ground at some speed regarding the new site. We can bring in elements, colours, fonts and content from the old site. These foundations quicken the process and allow us to move through the early stages of development with confidence.

I started out working on the logo ( which i deal with on a separate page ). As the logo design stage came to a close i was able to start working on the front page, bringing in brand ideas created by the process. A yoga website design lends itself to the use of large images. Luckily Carole had a selection of medium to high quality photos that had been taken over the months. The photos were varied in subject and there was a good spread of close up and long shots.

Online Booking System Needed To Be Cost-Effective

While the creation of the website was continuing i started to look into booking solutions. There are many providers in the marketplace ranging from free open source packages to full featured suite for managing a workforce of health practitioners. After setting up a few demo accounts and testing extensively we settled on Acuity Scheduling ( ). Here are a few reasons we chose Acuity:

  • Well laid out interface with easy to access help functionality. This was a must as we agreed that for this to work Carole needed to be able to fully use the system without help from an IT professional.
  • An acceptable price. A package was offered which allowed 1 calendar of bookings for $15 a month. Perfect for a lone yoga instructor.
  • Bulk or voucher based booking capability. Carole specified that she’d like her clients to be able to book a block of classes. This block could then be used over a set and limited period of time. Payment for future classes creates better financial stability for a small business so this is a great feature.
  • Integration with personal calendars. The ability for class information to populate Carole’s personal calendar on her mobile phone was appreciated.
  • Ability for the calendar and appointment booking to be embedded directly into the website. A consistent experience is a must in today’s’ web environment. All the booking is done from within Carole’s website. Being ejected out to a 3rd party website just isn’t acceptable in this day and age.

Down Dog And Done

The website has been a great success. Carole was worried initially as her clients are not the most tech-savvy bunch out there. Some took to the online booking like ducks to water, a few needed some gentle guidance from Carole but overall it was a stumbling block that was easily hurdled.

Carole currently creates her own event pages and booking forms for the events completely without my assistance. Perfect result.


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