Client :

Achieve Consultants

The requirement for this project was a complete redesign of an old website. The old site had served the customer well but was started to look dated. A few years is a long time in evolution of the web.

Starting with an old website as a jump off point is a great asset. It gives us the opportunity to look at what works and build on it. It also gives us some starting content to get the ball rolling. We try to bring in the text from the existing site in order to retain the pull it has with google, we don’t want to lose a hard earned search rank.

The Achieve logo gave us a nice palette to work with. I started toying with the idea of cherry blossom with a mock up image i gave to the customer. Little did i know that i stumbled across gold, it was a favourite flower of hers. And so, an initial design idea was born.

We started by literally recreating the old site in the clothes of the new. As this was carried out the customer had view of the work done. With the new site starting to take shape we both had ideas about how we could improve the content and the flow compared to the old site.

The site went from a idea to full launch in less than a month. Achievable when a customer is responsive and fully vested in the process.


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