Client :

ABC Architecture

The team at ABC Architecture wanted a new website to go with their new venture. The plan was to start with a one-page website to hit the ground running. Then, start to branch out onto other pages as the details were fleshed out. Like so many best laid plans they ended up being so busy that the site has remained a one-page architecture design website site to this day.

An Architecture Design Website

A site such as this should be a mixture of images and photos displaying work alongside a clear depiction of the services on offer. It should also be backed up by some documentation where necessary. ABC were a new company when this website launched so image content was thin on the ground. However, artist impressions of structures yet to be built make great looking content.

I asked ABC for the main services they looked to sell and tasked them with writing a paragraph about each offering. I created box-outs ( seen below ) to deal with each service. Boxes work well as they can be easily added to. Also they offer the chance, in the future, to develop more detailed pages on each service accessed by clicking the box.

We used some royalty free stock art to add an air of professionalism. As with all new business websites the aim is to make it feel like the company is trustworthy and established, and sizeable if possible. An architecture design website for a startup is entering into a busy market segment, it cannot look amateurish.

The site has, over time, been updated a few times. New staff have received personal pages. It’s a great idea to be as personal as possible. Staff photos, short introductions, hobbies and links to social media build trust with Google search and potential customers. In today’s’ modern web environment a personal touch is key. People want to see articles, messages, content and social media associated to a person within the organisation. They don’t want to see faceless business posts but day-to-day insight from staff on the ground. This starts with a face and some personality!

Fight For Those Reviews!

You’ll see from the map above that ABC have done well with bringing in Google reviews. The positives generated by this cannot be over-stated. Remember, even poor reviews can be met with a great reply and turn the issue to your favour. It looks great, builds trust and makes Google search favour you. It’s hard work sometimes but 100% worth it.

As with any direct customer facing website some amount of testimonials are key. Diversification of reviews is the phrase to remember. Try and get some long reviews for your website, get reviews on Google maps, get some on Apple maps, Bing and sites like MyBuilder.

Hopefully ABC rekindle the progress of the website as more content is created. I would add project case studies with a narrative and fill out each service with more in-depth details on their offerings. Some videos would be an excellent addition if they could be taken by drone or a high-end mobile phone even.


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