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We always sit down with our customers ( in real life or video call! )  and really try and get a feel how they see their venture. What are the values of the business? Is reliability the central tenet or customer service? Is massive growth targetted or is a small, consistent enterprise the aim?

Everyone is different and one size does most definitely not fit all.

Customer reviews

Liteform hit the nail on the head with what i was looking for. After a quick meeting over skype where they asked a lot of questions Nick had a few drafts ready and we really liked one of them.

Kerry Cons.

We wanted something a little different from the normal and Liteform had us up and running in double quick time. They were happy to start small and add content as the business grew. Perfect.


We weren't properly settled on exactly what we needed from the website but these guys helped out with that too. We broke down the business into our most popular services and started from there.

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