SEO Content Development You’re Already Doing!


When You Work You Are Creating

Because what people do often comes so naturally to them they don’t realise the value they have inside their head. As you go about your day try to note down any questions you get asked. This can be a mental note if you have a brain that can reliably handle such things. If you have to field the same question over and over again then the answer has good value. if people are asking it then it’s likely people are Googleing it. It’s low effort SEO content development sitting there ready for the taking.

You might think the question is too specific? But you’d be wrong! A swimming pool company wrote a huge article based on the following question “How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Cost?” it sold them $2,000,000 worth of swimming pools. It’s good to have content based on “long-tail” terms like that and some content on more common, general questions.

How should I achieve this: keep a notepad ( digital or paper ) nearby the phone and make quick notes of queries you get. You may already have a few of these rolling around your head. Once you have a few down and an idea of how popular they are as questions you can think about how many words you can write about this subject. 500 words are minimum. 2000 words are good.


products you use and your unique knowledge about them

It doesn’t matter what field of work you’re in, you know things about products and services that are unique. From a builder knowing the best tools to a software engineer utilising the greatest software. Every day you work and learn you are gathering unique information that has value. I can take a look at my internet bookmarks, each one tells a story about why I have that bookmark. Each one opens the door to a few paragraphs of valid content for my website. What do you use to help you do your job?


"lifehacks" you use to navigate your day

Definition from Wikipedia: “A life hack (or life hacking) is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.” You might not realise it but I’m sure you’ve got some useful lifehacks tucked away in your grey matter. Some of them could be turned into superb, useful and shareable posts online.

A photographer might tell their fans that if they squint slightly when smiling for a photo it will make the smile look more genuine ( it’s true! ). At IT professional might tell you it’s possible to get a bit more life from an old keyboard with missing feet by using a couple of binder clips inside of the missing parts at the back of the keyboard! SEO content development gold!


a window into your inner workings

Personally, when I’m stuck on a particularly prickly problem or starting on a new mind-bending task it’s hard to beat a pencil and paper with lines and words on it. Through the ages, it seems this technique of getting the contents on your mind out onto paper has had many names but the central principles of it remain the same.

If you don’t mind sharing with the world, a quick snap of your brain contents on paper can be a really interesting thing for another human to see. It could be a list of points of interest. It could be a brainstorm of words tethered to one another with lines. It could be a diagram of something physical with words surrounding it. All of these are unique creations that are uniquely yours and have a place online if you want to share.


how you get inspiration (walk / art / music / playlists / websites)

Work is always full of ups and downs. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating or speaking or doing or moving as your day job, every so often everything will grind to a halt.

So, what do you do to get back into the game? A website to stir the creative juices, read a book or browse a comic? Maybe it’s a circuit at the gym or heavy metal in the ears at volume 11 that kicks you into action. This can be fun content and might have the added effect of helping the reader jumpstart their day too. This is free SEO content development that is created by going about your day in normal fashion but it will hit chords with your readers.


the cutting edge

If your work is in a field where new products are released regularly it’s a good idea to keep abreast of developments. If passionate about the subject or keen to grow your business  you’re already doing it. It could be a new fence material for a landscape gardener and fencer or a new touchscreen pad for an artist. By writing about new products you could be catching a trend. If a product has some hype surrounding it, there will be people searching for it, hungry for information.

As a professional who uses such products you have a unique insight into their qualities, perfect for some written, audio or video content. You might think the product is mundane but the internet is a big place. There’s an interesting fanbase out there for every product in the world.


cool story bro

The “human touch” will always be a powerful one. Retelling a comical, meaningful or silly story online can be a great way to remove the digital barriers that exist between us all. It can be a reminder that we are all human and a real person is sitting on a keyboard at the other end of this post.

A story of vulnerability can be good for all involved, we all make mistakes even in the field that we appear to have expertise. A story like this is an easy win in SEO content development as it’s fun to write and low-effort is terms of research.


snap away

Photography has changed indescribably in the last decade. For £250 you can be the owner of a mobile phone that takes photos that can pass off as professional, display grade. You already spend time around the products you deal with, why not take photos and share them. Each time you do it you’ll get better.

With free apps like Snapseed ( Android  ) ( Apple ) you can edit pretty much anything into being a usable photo. A bit of blur in the background, go black and white, crop the interesting bit and you’re done. A photo is instant unique content, never repeated, strictly yours.



A wide breadth of content is important to Googles’ search algorithms. When you’re doing your day-to-day why not capture some video – it shouldn’t impact your process too much. You’re already doing the activity, get more value from it. With free or cheap apps anyone can stitch a few video clips together to make something that looks better than the average web-video from one angle. It has the potential to be a high value SEO content development activity.

For Windows something like Shotcut can provide all you need to put some video clips together. VN video editor is great for Android phones and regular old iMovie will do the job if you’re in the Apple ecosystem of products. Don’t expect to be Steven Spielberg and don’t worry if you’re not even Uwe Boll. Create, upload and master the craft. It will get better and easier.

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