Studio Korte

A website created for piano tutor Alexander Korte. The brief was to create a simple and easy to navigate site to publish his piano tutoring services to his locality. The black and white seemed like a good angle what with the colours of a piano keyboard. Also, this aesthetic fitted the minimal requirements. See the […]

How We Stop War

A website created for historian and researcher Elliot Short ( ). The brief was to create an interactive map site with a database of circumstances where war had been stopped or at least halted temporarily. A complex and highly configurable mapping system was implemented that works in conjunction with the database functionality of WordPress […]

Muhdo – Eddie Hall

As part of my work for ( DNA Discovery and Health Service ) i created an off shoot branding and page for fans of Eddie Hall ( Worlds Strongest Man Winner ). Going for a more powerful masculine look, out went the whites and blues and in came the blacks and electric oranges. Depth […]

Extreme Graphics

High impact site for a graphics print company in the UK. Heavy on images and will be getting updates and new content weekly. Big fonts embedded in photos of work completed by Extreme Graphics is the order of the day. The blue, pink and yellow trademark squares in the logo provide a great, familiar brand […]

Elliot Short

Bit of a different departure from the normal here. Elliot is a historian and researcher who wanted an online portfolio to showcase all of his work. He has written content for web and print. Also, it’s wise in this connected world to try and cultivate an online presence as an expert in order to extend […]

Achieve Consultants

The requirement for this project was a complete redesign of an old website. The old site had served the customer well but was started to look dated. A few years is a long time in evolution of the web. Starting with an old website as a jump off point is a great asset. It gives […]

EM Fencing And Gardening

This is the second fencing and garden website i’ve work on. People have asked if there could be a conflict of interest if I maintain websites that are potential competitors. My thought is that if both websites rank well, no-one will be upset! EM Fencing And Gardening was a brand new venture by an experienced […]