Basic Website Design. Basic Website Cost.

Need a website but don’t need much? Sometimes people come to me needing a full e-commerce site to sell their product, some need several pages to showcase their most popular services. Sometimes you just need one page, to show you exist, you’re legitimate, you can be contacted and that you care enough about your business […]

SEO Content Development You’re Already Doing!

1 When You Work You Are Creating Because what people do often comes so naturally to them they don’t realise the value they have inside their head. As you go about your day try to note down any questions you get asked. This can be a mental note if you have a brain that can […]

Choosing A Domain Name : Essential Considerations

1 .com or This is a very common question. When choosing a domain name People very much bring their own ideas and feelings to this debate as we all differ in how we view these choices. I’ll go through some of my thoughts here. I think the most important question you have to ask […]

15 Reasons Your Website Needs A FAQ Page : Frequently Asked Questions

1 To a large extent, having an effective website is about showing that you are an expert in the field. A frequently asked questions page that is well written, encyclopaedic, entertaining and well laid out is a great way of announcing that to the world. If a potential customer can see that you already know […]